Improve Athletic Performance With REvision

REvision is up and running in Salem. Our practice is primarily focused on the evaluation and improvement of the elements of vision that directly affect athletic performance.

In our program we use highly advanced, state of the art, visual training technology to provide both children and adults with the necessary tools to improve overall health and performance. All levels of athlete, military, law enforcement or anyone that may be struggling with symptoms from post-concussion syndrome can benefit.

Athleticism goes far beyond strength and speed, and with REvision we can help you reach peak athletic performance. Athletes, and people in general, often ignore or may even be unaware they have any visual issues at all. Many times, the brain and visual system will accommodate for dysfunctions, making them unknown to the individual.

There are times when your vision can be improved without the use of glasses. Sometimes, this can be therapy to strengthen areas of eye that have weakened and other times it can be training to improve your reaction and timing beyond the average person. A sports vision training program can be individualized to fit your specific needs and goals. For example, in archery it is important to know which eye is dominant so you can choose the right bow to align with the target. We will help you determine this. In many cases, it is not actually the eye that people may think.

At REvision we look to identify any conditions that may exist and provide training to treat these areas as well as improve ALL aspects of vision regarding sport performance. These include eye-hand/foot coordination, reaction time, peripheral vision, depth perception, object tracking, contrast sensitivity and more.

We are very excited to be part of the Silverton Eye Care practice and look forward to providing this service to Salem and the surrounding areas. Visit our website at and feel free to contact our office with any questions you may have.

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