At REvision, our highly trained staff works together with Dr. Eagles to ensure your visit is comfortable and completed in a timely manner. We have a qualified team of professionals that will work around your busy schedule and address any questions or concerns prior to the appointment.

In the office

Our training sessions will consist of one on one time with a highly trained vision therapist. The training will mainly take place on the Senaptec Sensory Station and some supplementary activities may be assigned by the therapist.

At home

The key to effective training is consistency, which isĀ  why we have our clients supplement what we do in-office, at home. We will equip you with the knowledge and materials necessary for effective training at home. Using the Senaptec app for your tablet and a subscription to the software, our therapist can cater at home activities to further our clients’ progress outside of the office.

Dr. Eagles specializes in sports vision therapy and will go above and beyond to treat your condition. Sports vision therapy is designed to help an athlete’s performance. By tracking eye trajectory, eye movement, and perception, Dr. Eagles can provide treatments and exercises to improve your performance. Whether on the field, court, track, water, or more… Dr. Eagles and her staff takes great pride in helping all patients achieve greatness in their sport.